About Us

By The Horns provides a straightforward, tactical approach to exploring entrepreneurship and making things happen, in numerous types of industry.

  • Trades and Labour
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Children’s Activities and Programming
  • Education and Training
  • Food and Food Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Pet Services
  • Photography and Videography

Pamela Eastwood, founder and C.E.O. of By The Horns, has developed a reputation for providing straightforward, relatable, and realistic advice. Her reputation for quality of service and reliability has given our clients the confidence to entrust us with their business education and development, program operations and strategic planning.

Pamela’s journey is one that relates to many families. Families who are trying to pay the bills, trying to start a business and juggle kids, marriage, health and financial responsibilities.

  • Being able to take baby steps, plan, debrief and refocus are skills that Pamela brings to her new start up clients.
  • Being able to think big, take risks and take action are skills that Pamela brings to her programming and more developed business that she coaches.

Are you dreaming of entrepreneurship?  

Is your business growing? 

Are you a public service provider looking to expand your program offerings?