Hourly Rate – $90 (Minimum billing interval is 15 minutes)

By The Horns, business consulting services are handy for those who are looking for smaller sessions or are in need of a specific conversation.

  • Brainstorming
  • Planning sessions
  • Questions and Referrals

Consulting Retainer – $1275 (15 hours, pre-paid, discounted hourly rate)

Are you facing a larger project or a larger scale process development? Perhaps you just want to have your own business consultant in your pocket? By The Horns, retainer rates are discounted for just such an occasion.  A 15-hour minimum is just the right amount of time to set your goals in motion. Projects will be assessed and more time can be purchased as needed via individual hourly rates or with the addition of another block of time.  Sample projects include:

  • Personalised and available Business Coaching
  • Business Plan Development (Support) and Review
  • Financial Review; Balancing Home and Business Budgets
  • Process and Operations Development
  • Customer Service Audits
  • Time Management – Balancing Family and Business