Program Development and Management

Pricing for this service varies on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for a quote!

Is your organization struggling with staff that are pulled in too many directions? Employees who have been hired for a particular role who are now thrust into program development and management? Is this affecting their performance for their key roles? Do they have the skills and time it takes to plan, prepare, promote and deliver the quality program you have been funded to deliver?

By The Horns’ extensive background in program development and management is the most time and cost effective solution to such challenges.

By engaging By The Horns from the ground up, you can be assured your program will be developed and run smoothly, leaving your organization with the reputation for delivering quality.

  • Free up your employees to better manage their current duties and to focus on the organization’s growth
  • Plan with By The Horns from concept to delivery to ensure that your programs are in line with your organization’s mission and values
  • Sit back and relax knowing your organization is focusing on growth, funding and service while By The Horns oversees the entire program delivery.

Programs that Pamela Eastwood has facilitated, developed, expanded, overseen:

  • Y Enterprise Centre – Ontario Self Employment Benefits Program
  • Youth Gambling Awareness Program – Ottawa
  • My Money Works – Financial Literacy
  • High School Youth Entrepreneurship Program
  • Invest Ottawa – Summer Company
  • OCLF – BizTOC – Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Newcomers
  • ODAWA – Native Friendship Centre – Entrepreneurship for the Arts